About Us

Vytra Industries, a leading plastic packaging thermoformer in Malaysia, celebrated its 30 years in business with a rich heritage of rapid growth, quality and financial stability. At a time when the Malaysian thermoforming industry is undergoing consolidation, Vytra Industries remains as a successful, privately-held entity with a strong balance sheet.

Vision & Mission

At Vytra, our main concern is our customers’ satisfaction and profitability. For over 30 years, we had successfully shared our value of experience, new materials and technology to deliver our customers’ expectations, ensuring satisfaction and driving profits in the retail, food and electronics packaging markets.

A family-owned business since 1982, we’re a group of vertically integrated designers who design thermoform of light gauge rigid plastic packaging with our in-house extrusion facility. At Vytra, we believe our success is measured by our customer’s success which is why we design and produce plastic packaging that boost sales, yet ensure the safety. By doing so, it balances the functional with the aesthetic.

Vytra designs thermoforms packaging that creates value for our customers:

  • Protective electronic packaging that’s intuitively designed to reduce damage during shipments
  • Thermoformed food packaging that encourages impulse purchases
  • Innovative retail packaging that exemplifies your brand promise with maximum shelf appeal